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TSPROF presents a new clamp for our sharpeners - small universal table.


Swivel symmetrical clip for double-sided grinding without reinstalling of knife.


Special pliers for narrow netting knives with reduced grinding angle.


The standard single K02 clamp. Mnimum width of the knife is 20 mm, the thickness in the spine is 5 mm, the range of angles is 10-32 degrees


Special clamp for narrow fillet knives with reduced sharpening angle.


Conical double clamp K02. This particular clamp a cone pair with a screw drive making adjustment rather more convenient.


The whole milled BLACK clamps (anodized) are made of high-strength aluminum alloy with subsequent protective coating and heat treatment.


Increased thickness of the spring provides exceptional clamping stability. They are intended for operations with the raised loading (for example at roughing operation on firm steels).


The increased spring thickness provides exceptional clamping stability. They are designed for operations with high loads (for example, in a roughing operation on solid steels).


The kit includes an adapter with a range of 7.2 degrees, mounting hardware for installation.


The Kit includes:

Three radius adapter: 4.3 °, 7.2 °, 10.7 °

Titanium guide

Bushing adapter

Installation kit