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A set of aluminum blanks designed for sticking stones or abrasive paper and attaching to the abrasive holder.


For gourmets and aesthetes. Ideal as a gift. We would like to draw your attention to the corporate case of the German company WAG, made of high-quality plastic. Maximum functionality and attractive design.


The Sharpener stand is a metal base holding the sharpener on the working surface of the table or workbench.


This device helps to take pictures of the blade with magnification up to 500x. Share your experience in sharpening knives, discuss the results of sharpening with colleagues, take pictures of a perfectly sharp blade, compare different sharpening techniques, abrasives and sharpening devices.


The cover is designed for 6 seats, the maximum length of the stone is 160 mm. It is supplied with Velcro tape to cover the contents. On the bag there is a signature badge "TC Профиль".


It allows you to see the burrs, check the angle of sharpening along the entire length of the blade, objectively assess the sharpness and polishing of the blade, see the blade with a large increase and achieve an ideal grinding.


Durable, soft nylon cover for carrying and storing abrasive stones up to 210 mm long. it is equipped with a Velcro strap to hold the stone and the "Tsprof" badge.


Professional set of wrenches for TSPROF Sharpener, ideal for all types of clamps,as well as to configure the hinge unit, flipping mechanism and the adjusting the pad under the digital protractor.


Blanks made from plexiglas (thickness 6mm) for abrasive size 170x30x6mm are recommended to be used with sandpaper for hardness.


This device is quite useful tool in knife sharpening to control blade condition on highest magnification.