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TSPROF presents a new clamp for our sharpeners - small universal table.


A set of aluminum blanks designed for sticking stones or abrasive paper and attaching to the abrasive holder.


For gourmets and aesthetes. Ideal as a gift. We would like to draw your attention to the corporate case of the German company WAG, made of high-quality plastic. Maximum functionality and attractive design.


The Sharpener stand is a metal base holding the sharpener on the working surface of the table or workbench.


Swivel symmetrical clip for double-sided grinding without reinstalling of knife.


Special pliers for narrow netting knives with reduced grinding angle.


This device helps to take pictures of the blade with magnification up to 500x. Share your experience in sharpening knives, discuss the results of sharpening with colleagues, take pictures of a perfectly sharp blade, compare different sharpening techniques, abrasives and sharpening devices.


The standard single K02 clamp. Mnimum width of the knife is 20 mm, the thickness in the spine is 5 mm, the range of angles is 10-32 degrees


Standard K-02 is a real hit. Perfect combination of price and quality. The set will be enough for sharpening almost all kind of knives. You can simply supplement the set with a nozzle for sharpening scissors and all basic tasks are covered.