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TSPROF presents a new clamp for our sharpeners - small universal table.


A set of aluminum blanks designed for sticking stones or abrasive paper and attaching to the abrasive holder.


Blade material: Alloy Wootz
Handle material: Wenge, Brass
Overall length: 8,86" (225mm)
Blade length: 4,13" (105mm)
Blade width: 1,02" (26mm)
Blade thickness: 0,16" (4mm)
Handle length: 4,72" (120mm)
Handle thickness: 0,91" (23mm)
Blade hardness: 61-65 HRC


Boride is a well-known brand in the market of abrasive materials, offering professional grinding and polishing stones of different sizes and from different materials. In the Boride range, you can find abrasive stones for absolutely any kitchen knife, and the company’s forty years of experience ensures that the grinding and polishing tools of this brand will prolong the life of even the most fastidious blades for a long time. The CS-HD series is an especially hard stone with silicon. This grinding block is successfully used for processing the hardest forms (from 47 to 63 HRC). Narrow stones are more convenient for sharpening S-shaped RK, a concave blade and cutting tools of small size.


Profile abrasives are suitable for sharpening a wide range of steel, including solid, powder steel with a hardness above 60 HRC. This set will be enough for all types of work from grinding to finising.


The set includes 5 bars on aluminum forms with bevels 45 gr. This set will be enough for all types of work from roughing to final grinding.


Stripping and repair works related to the intensive removal of metal. Restore and change the geometry of the knife. It is necessary in those cases where the re-profiling of the cutting edge is required. Suitable for solid powder steels.


Diamond bar of Russian production from the Venev diamond tools factory. Unlike abrasive stones diamond bars are much less worn out so they are recommended to work with hard steels.