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A set of aluminum blanks designed for sticking stones or abrasive paper and attaching to the abrasive holder.


The leather blank is intended for final finishing of the cutting edge of the knife.


TSPROF Professional Knife Sharpener is the most famous Russian knife sharpener. It is approved by professionals of knife craft in 84 countries of the world. The most effective decision to ensure really razor sharpness and qualitative sharpening. 


Durable, soft nylon cover for carrying and storing abrasive stones up to 210 mm long. it is equipped with a Velcro strap to hold the stone and the "Tsprof" badge.


Leather blank is intended for blade edge final polishing. Leather softening blade edge and strengthen it. Working surface made of soft high quality leather glued to tough aluminium blank. Dont work against cutting edge. Length 150mm, width 25mm, leather thickness 3mm, blank thickness 3mm.


The whole milled BLACK clamps (anodized) are made of high-strength aluminum alloy with subsequent protective coating and heat treatment.


Professional set for sharpening any knives and tools. It is delivered in the strong case convenient for carrying. Except of the device itself the case is equipped with all the necessary abrasives for all stages of sharpening: diamond stones for rough works, 5 TSPROF stones for sharpening and honing, and a set of polishing pastes with a leather for polishing. The set includes 4 clamps suitable for the entire range of knives and tools. The small universal table in the complete set expands the maximum angle of sharpening up to 90°


Diamond bars of Russian production from Venevsky factory of diamond tools. In contrast to abrasive stones, diamond bars wear on much lessthat's why they are recommended to work with hard steels. The sides are marked with a grain size value. Sharpening on diamond bars does not require special oil - just lightly moisten it with water.


TSPROF presents a new clamp for our sharpeners - small universal table.


The standard single K02 clamp. Mnimum width of the knife is 20 mm, the thickness in the spine is 5 mm, the range of angles is 10-32 degrees


The increased spring thickness provides exceptional clamping stability. They are designed for operations with high loads (for example, in a roughing operation on solid steels).