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Five ways to extend the life of a knife

Any knife has a certain resource for operation. And one way or another, with active use of the knife, its limit one day will be reached. However, to prevent this from happening too quickly, you need to follow a few simple rules.

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Selection of abrasives stones

Selection of abrasives stones When buying a sharpening device, it comes out the question about abrasives. The purchase of a sharpener is associated with financial costs, and not everyone can immediately purchase a set of necessary stones, many sharpeners deal first with sandpaper glued on blanks, or buy Chinese abrasives. These options have the right to exist, but it is better to consider them as temporary, and it is better to do without them at all and start immediately with high-quality sharpening stones, which would already at the initial stages get good results and enjoy working.

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Aluminum oxide is a binary compound of aluminum and oxygen. In nature, it is common as the main component of alumina, a mixture of aluminum oxides and elements such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc. Alumina consists of up to 98% of α- and γ-modifications of aluminum oxide and is a white crystalline powder. There are several main types of aluminum oxide. α-aluminum oxide or corundum is a mineral in the form of large transparent crystals, trigonal crystal system.

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The history of Mora knives. From classic to modern knives.

Mora, one of the world's largest knife manufacturers, has come a long way in its development. The beginning of its history dates back to 1891, when master Eric Frost founded his knife factory. This is how the largest knife company in Mora - Frost Knivfabrik - was born. In 1912 two other masters from the same city: Lock Anders Mattsson and Krang-Johan Eriksson, founded Eriksson&Mattssons Knivfabrik. Both companies: KJ Eriksson and Frost Knivfabrik ran in parallel all the year and were competitors. In the early 2000s, the shares of Frost Knivfabrik were bought out by KJ Eriksson, and in 2005 the two companies merged completely. And there was a single company Morakniv, a large, powerful enterprise with conveyor production of knives.

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Essential features of the ceramic bundle

The ceramic bundle is a special mixture of various types of bulk crushed components, which is supplemented with the main abrasive material and undergoes the special heat treatment. The main abrasive fillers for ceramic bundles are silicon carbide and aluminum oxide.

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Sharpening a fillet knife

A fillet knife is a special knife for preparing fillets of fish, meat or poultry. The special feature of this knife is a long, narrow and flexible blade. Good fillet knives can be bent almost in a circle. In other words, the main distinguishing feature is flexibility. This knife should work ultra-thin, cutting off the finest pieces of fish or meat, often less than a millimeter thick. The knife should also pass through the bones, along the spine and tendons, separating the skin from the meat, leaving a minimum adipose layer and layer of meat.

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So why are we sharpening, making our knives to a mirror shine and perfect sharpness? Sure, to make them comfortable and nice in use. How to arrange a home cooking party quickly, beautifully and professionally? Today we’ll talk about the correct grip of the knife, cutting techniques and keeping your knives sharp.

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25 USD off for the delivery

Dear Clients! The best prevention of any SARS is to sit at home ... and sharpen knives. TSPROF gives a discount of $ 25 for the delivery of any kit that will help you make your knives razor sharp. Stay home. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Use promocode: STAYHOME during checkout.

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Different blade profiles and recommended angles of the sharpening

The main functional part of the knife is its blade. All other details affect full release of potential in its use, they are chopping, cutting, piercing, as well as practicality and ergonomics.

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A knife is a comrade on the way.

A knife is a comrade on the way. Which knife will become a comrade for you? Today we'll be going to try to review the existing knife designs. The names of these speak for themselves – folding and fixed knives.

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