Shipments and returns

a. All purchases of products are final and non-refundable. Purchaser hereby declares that Purchaser has received all the necessary information related to the products and their functionality and understands that the purchase is final and non-refundable.

b. Purchaser may cancel the transaction in the following circumstances and the following conditions will apply:
i. At any time before the product was shipped by TSPROF, the transaction will be cancelled and the full price of the transaction will be refunded to Purchaser.
ii. During 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product (as indicated in the shipper’s documents), the transaction will be cancelled only following the receipt of the product by TSPROF. Purchaser will bear the costs of shipment (to and from Purchaser). Only the cost of the product will be refunded to Purchaser.
iii. The transaction is not cancellable in any other situation.
c. Return of the products will be allowed only in exceptional circumstances, such as the products arrive damaged and non-functional and TSPROF has no reasonable way to remedy the problem. The return of the products will be accepted only based on the written authorization for return by TSPROF with the authorization number affixed on the packaging. Any unauthorized returns of the products will not be accepted, the packages will not be opened and TSPROF does not accept any responsibility or liability for the products returned without proper authorization.
d. There are various support documents and videos offered to Purchaser at the TSPROF website. Most of the issues are being resolved through on-line FAQ section, product guides and instructions, and online forum.
e. Any technical inquiries, requests for support or requests for additional information shall be sent to TSPROF email box at [email protected], TSPROF will usually answer any inquiries within 72 hours from the date of the email.
When purchasing any replacement parts or accessories, Purchaser shall ensure that the parts are compatible with the original product in the Purchaser’s possession. TSPROF will not allow any returns based on the claim that the purchased part/accessory is not compatible with the product, unless such compatibility was expressly advertised by TSPROF on the product’s page.