Terms and conditions of use

a. Purchaser’s placement of an order constitutes a binding offer to purchase the product identified in the order. TSPROF has the right to approve (accept) or reject the offer or change the amounts of the products offered by the Purchaser.

b. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as imposing on TSPROF an obligation to sell its products to the Purchaser.
c. Unless stated otherwise, the price of the product is exclusive of value added taxes (VAT, HST etc.) and shipping costs. These amounts will be added during the check-out process to the product price stated on the website. The Purchaser hereby understands and agrees that the shipping costs are being established by the shipping provider of TSPROF and may vary depending on the Purchaser’s location, mode of delivery (express, regular, overnight etc), and other criteria set by the shipping company.
d. Upon confirmation of the order, TSPROF will charge Purchaser using the payment information provided by the Purchaser. Shipment of the products is done only after the confirmation of payment by the Purchaser’s banking institution.
e. Except as otherwise provided herein, all purchases are final and non-refundable.
f. The images of the products used on the website are for the illustrational purposes only, TSPROF has the right to change the packaging, colors and other non-technical aspects and features of the product as long as the product’s functionality is not changed. Where a product is sold with additional accessories, TSPROF may provide the accessories mentioned in the purchase order or updated versions of the same accessories as long as the original functionality of the accessories wasn’t changed.
g. Upon placement of the order, Purchaser declares that Purchaser had an opportunity to review the product and its technical specifications and has found them compatible with the Purchaser’s requirements. TSPROF warrants that the products will operate as advertised and will be compatible for the advertised purpose only. TSPROF does not warrant that the products will be compatible for the Purchaser’s intended use if such use was not advertised by TSPROF.
The use of the Product shall be at the Purchaser’s sole discretion and responsibility. Purchaser shall ensure that the operation of the products are done by an experienced person and in accordance with the instructions enclosed for each particular product.