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The set includes 5 bars on aluminum forms with bevels 45 gr. This set will be enough for all types of work from roughing to final grinding.


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The wear rate is higher than that of Boride abrasives. Stones:

  • F120 10х6мм.
  • F230 10х6мм.
  • F400 10х6мм.
  • F600 10х6мм.
  • F1000 10х6мм.

*Stones of green silicon carbide 64C, binder - ceramic. Soak in water, work with water. You can work with oil, a ceramic bunch of oil will not suffer. The stones are quite versatile and are suitable for sharpening a wide range of steels, incl. hard, powder steels with hardness higher than 60 HRC.


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