Set of Diamond Stones (3 pcs. 25%)


Diamond bars of Russian production from Venevsky factory of diamond tools. In contrast to abrasive stones, diamond bars wear on much lessthat's why they are recommended to work with hard steels. The sides are marked with a grain size value. Sharpening on diamond bars does not require special oil - just lightly moisten it with water.


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The set consists of 3 bars, with a 25% concentration of diamond grains, it is recommended to use for sharpening and polishing. These bars work "in a gentle mode" and leave a minimum of risks on the cutting edge.

1. Double-sided diamond bar, 200x35x10 mm, 3 / 2-1 / 0 μm, 25%

2. Double-sided diamond bar, 200x35x10 mm, 20 / 14-7 / 5 μm, 25%

3. Double-sided diamond bar, 200x35x10 mm, 160 / 125- 50/40 μm, 25%


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