TSPROF Knife Sharpener - Starting K01


Profile K-01 is the oldest  and time-tested machine for sharpening cutting tools. The main feature of the K-01 model is a removable blade clamping mechanism. If during sharpening you have an urgent business, the mechanism can be removed together with a knife. It makes possible to be ablt to sharpen almost any cutting tool up to a perfect condition without removing the knife, with no special skills and efforts,

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The package includes:
- Framework with basic units K-01;
- Double clamp K-01;
- Single clamp K-01;
- Branded wooden box.

Profile K01 with manual fixation of the swivel unit:
Design allows the reversal of the clamps to 180 degree and using the clamping plate “firmly” to fix the clamp with the knife.
Frameworkg K01 is equipped with a unified installation unit for various types of clamps and additional attachments. It is possible to "quickly" change the clamps in the installation unit, depending on the shape and size of the knife, the installation of additional nozzles, expanding the possibilities of angular machining. These include a removable table, a nozzle for sharpening scissors and straight knives, as well as clamps with a reduced angle of sharpening. A central three-axis articulated joint of a sharpener Profile. Monolithic, solid-milled body of the hinge assembly is made using high-precision automated equipment from aluminum alloy D16T. The main characteristics of the hinge:
- Increased stiffness, as a result of the stability of work and accuracy of sharpening angles;
- The symmetry of the entire hinge,
- Improved configuration (location) of the axes;
- The lower limits of the range of angles up to 7.5 gr;
- The use of corrosion-resistant materials without the use of additional special coatings;
- Lack of additional settings and ease of maintenance;
- Low weight;
- Increased the size of the nut lifting angles for ease of use. - To reduce axial backlash and friction, one of the axes of rotation is made on radial rolling bearings;
- Adjustment and selection of axial backlashes on two orthogonal axes of rotation are provided;
- Interchangeability of bushings made of various friction materials for the axial pair of the rod of the abrasive holder.
- Use in the hinges of elongated sleeves to reduce backlash;
- Symmetric hinge has a central point of intersection of all three axes;
- Tolerances for sliding pairs are performed according to the seventh qualitet of accuracy. - Now, in the package of the hinge assembly, includes a leveling ring, with which you can compensate for the difference in angles when using abrasives of different thickness. The holder of an abrasive is a component of the body with the main nodes. Convenient holder allows you to quickly reinstall various bars, blankets and other tools.

The carrier plate along the entire length of the bar provides additional rigidity for attaching abrasive stones and removes unnecessary loads, thus this plate makes it possible to work with fragile stones without using blanks.
The distance from the handle to the stone does not depend on the length of the abrasive, it increases the control during finishing operations. The set comes with two restrictive rings with springs, with parking devices. Basic Haarctyeretic: - Combined bevels clamping jaws 90 + 45 gr,
- Clamping jaws: width 24 mm, working height 5 mm (groove height under 45 g, 3 mm)
- the minimum size of abrasive is 145 mm, the maximum size of abrasive, 200 mm
- The weight of a design makes 134 gr.
- Due to the tight fit of the auxiliary plate with the supporting rod, the rigidity of the holder is strong.
- Monolithic milled clips are made of aluminum alloy D16T, and precisely oriented in the axial direction with the help of an auxiliary plate of brushed stainless steel and a rod.
- Abrasive tool as close as possible to the longitudinal axis of the holder, which significantly improves control over the movements of the bar during sharpening.
- Abrasive holder is equipped with a convenient and simple platform for electronic goniometers
- Design of the holder is more aesthetic and leaves a pleasant feeling in work.

Clamps to secure the knife, this is a separate large and interesting topic. The knife clamp should: 1. Securely hold the knife by the edge of the butt, 2. Do not hinder the movement of the flat abrasive, i.e., occupy the rear minimum sector in the knife cross section, 3. Ensure that the jaws fit to the butt surfaces. These three basic requirements set the special design of the knife clip, which distinguishes them from all others. Design of the clamp The profile is designed so that when you install the knife in the clamp, the springs change from a free to a tight state, while the rigidity increases significantly. We have tested such sponges withstand a load of up to 100 kg, screw holes, are made with a clearance of + -0.1 mm, oval shape, provides free movement of the adjusting screws, in simple words so that they do not bite when clamping thick knives with butts from the butt.
The starter kit includes a single clamp K-01, which allows you to securely hold any blade shape while ensuring that the jaws fit to the plane of the knife's butt. Equipped with a shank for installation in the installation unit "Profile K-01". Recommendations for the thickness of the butt from 3 to 7 mm, Tightening jaws, made of aluminum alloy, 7075-T6, springs made of structural steel 60С2А.
- Tourist
- Folding
- Hunting
- For survival
- Tactical

Angle range 10-32 degrees per side *
Jaw width 32 mm. Dual clamp K-01, completed immediately with a frame, since design K-01, initially comes without a frame.
This type of clamps is the most versatile, in contrast to a single clamp, it became possible to clamp thin and long blades. Due to two gripping points, the blade deflection is excluded. There is a possibility of independent movement of the clamps along the entire length of the frame, the minimum distance between the clamps is 10 mm maximum - 160 mm.
Recommendations for the thickness of the butt from 2 to 4 mm:

  • Cook
  • Universal
  • Chopping
  • For cutting vegetables
  • Kitchen hatchets
  • Folding

Angle range 10-32 degrees per side *
Sponge width 16 mm, 2 pcs.

* Depending on the width of the blade, the range of angles may vary


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