Boride Stones Narrow CS-HD on blanks

Boride is a well-known brand in the market of abrasive materials, offering professional grinding and polishing stones of different sizes and from different materials. In the Boride range, you can find abrasive stones for absolutely any kitchen knife, and the company’s forty years of experience ensures that the grinding and polishing tools of this brand will prolong the life of even the most fastidious blades for a long time. The CS-HD series is an especially hard stone with silicon. This grinding block is successfully used for processing the hardest forms (from 47 to 63 HRC). Narrow stones are more convenient for sharpening S-shaped RK, a concave blade and cutting tools of small size.

  • Dimensions: 12 × 6mm. (1/8 * 1/2 * 6 ")
  • Grit: 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 grit
  • Material: silicon carbide

Work recommendations:

The Boride CS-HD series works with both oil and water coolant. To increase the productivity of the roughing process with coarse stones, it is recommended to use low-density coolant, water or specialized coolant from the TSPROF store in this case, as a rule, is preferable to oil. The alignment of the bar is made on the glass, on the powder of silicon carbide fraction 200/160 microns. During operation and during the cleaning of salinization use of household detergents is allowed.


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