The Sharpener stand is a metal base holding the sharpener on the working surface of the table or workbench.


It comes with:


thumbscrews for mounting the device on the stand

It attaches the body to the working surface without the use of a clamp.

It allows you to install the TSPROF Knife Sharpener at any place of the desktop; it is also useful in cases where it is difficult to use a clamp. The stand was designed following the overall style of the product; it perfectly complements the design, provides stability, and gives the user confidence and comfort during sharpening. To fix the body on the stand, insert it to the specially provided slot and tighten the screws. The screws are of the thumbscrews type, and you can tighten them by hand without using any tools. At the end of the work, loosen the screws and remove the body from the stand.


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