Cone Double Clamp K02

Conical double clamp K02. This particular clamp a cone pair with a screw drive making adjustment rather more convenient.


The main unique feature of this type of clamps is a conical pair with a screw drive that intensifies the compression of the jaws, reducing the load on the screw. 

The force compression is performed manually using a lightweight rotation of the side handle, eliminating the need for an additional tool. 

The cone clamp improves compression symmetry by distributing equal elastic loads on the power springs.

The cones are made of alloy steel with subsequent heat treatment hardness to grade 47..52 HRC, which ensures the durability of this part.

The clamping jaws are made of aluminum alloy 7075 -T6, springs are made of structural steel 60С2А according to State Standard (ГОСТ) - 

Number of clamping jaws: 2 pcs

- The minimum distance between jaws: 20mm.,

- The maximum distance between jaws: 170mm. 

We recommend using the cone clamp for knives with a thickness of 1 to 3.5 mm (including those with butt-runs), up to 300-350 mm long

You can sharpen kitchen knives, sirloin knives, key-chain knives, straight razors, and other narrow long knives.

Recommended blade length: 30-300 mm

Minimum blade width: 20 mm

Jaws width: 16 mm, 2 pcs.


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