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Naniwa Chosera Professional...
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Portable camp stove Firecube
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Naniwa Chosera Professional KIT is an improved series of Naniwa stones. A magnesium bond material is applied in this series. The Naniwa stones provide such high performance because of the improved formula. KIT contains J1000, J3000, J10000 stones.
They allow sharpening almost any steel with a hardness from 56HRC to 68HRC

$166.00 $154.00
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Portable Folding Stove Firecube will help you to cook your meal and boil water outdoors.

  • Say bye to fuel problems — you don’t need to waste your money on a gas tanks, firecube works with any source of the fuel, sticks, twigs, cones, etc.
  • Powerfull heat with durable material – the stove made of a 2 mm steel, keeps the heat and protects from the wind keeping the maximum efficiency
  • Convenient shape with the minimalistic design— The thickness of the Firecube is only 1,5 cm while folded. Easy to fold, carry and mount on any surface
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