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Portable camp stove Firecube
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Professional set of the...
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Portable Folding Stove Firecube will help you to cook your meal and boil water outdoors.

  • Say bye to fuel problems — you don’t need to waste your money on a gas tanks, firecube works with any source of the fuel, sticks, twigs, cones, etc.
  • Powerfull heat with durable material – the stove made of a 2 mm steel, keeps the heat and protects from the wind keeping the maximum efficiency
  • Convenient shape with the minimalistic design— The thickness of the Firecube is only 1,5 cm while folded. Easy to fold, carry and mount on any surface

$69.00 $65.55
Reduced price
5 Allen Wrenches 1,5 mm  2 mm  2,5 mm  3 mm  4 mm
$28.00 $18.00


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